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Why does your Small Business needs a website?

You may have heard people say that everything now is going Digital. See below to find out why your small business needs a website. We build websites on WordPress and focus on User Experience and Conversions. Our goal is to make you more money.

If you do not already have a website or if your existing website is not providing effective results, please speak to us.


Here are Our Top 12 Reasons why your Small Business needs a good Website in 2018:-

1. Credibility

If a potential customer is trying to find your business, it is likely that they will search for it on google. If your business has no web presence, it is possible that the person searching will not be able to find out the information they are looking for and very quickly make a decision to go elsewhere. Absence of a good website does not give the world at large, a positive impression of your business.

2. Your Customers

If your small business requires Sales Leads, it is likely that many potential new customers are looking for your goods and services online.

If you have a good website, these customers may only be one click away. Your website will open up possibilities to target a much wider market.

3. Competitors

If your small business is looking for a competitive edge, it needs a good Website, otherwise the competition will potentially run rings round you and you are leaving money on the table. It is always good to assess your competitors. What are they doing well and not so well with their online presence and can we find a way to beat them?

4. Brand & Values

Your website promotes your brand and values. Your brand has a value and if you are not promoting it online, the value is diminished. It also provides the opportunity to advertise to your customers why your business is unique and why they should buy from you.

5. Website = Asset

Your Website should be a tool to increase your sales leads and income. The more effective it is, the more it will be worth. If you ever sell your business, a good website will have considerable value. A good website should be viewed as valuable online real estate.

6. Problem Solving

If you are solving problems for potential customers, it will increase their engagement and the business will likely reap financial rewards as a result. A way to do this is to provide content which is well written and engaging. You should also keep content up to date.

7. Improve Efficiency

Your Small Business Website can improve automation, increase efficiency and save you time. Examples of this may include: E-Commerce, Maintaining email lists of your customers and Online Booking Systems.

8. Convenience

It may be easier for some customers to shop or book appointments online rather than make a phone call. Providing that level of improved functionality to customers may be enough to win future business and retain existing customers.


9. Promotions

Highlight your promotions on your website. These promotions may be in the form of discounts or offers. They can be timed to suit the business during potential quieter periods or when customers have more money to spend.

10. Open 24/7

A bricks and mortar business will inevitably by closed for business at certain times. A well designed website well keep you “Open for Business”.

11. Testimonials

You are in control of the Customer Testimonials. That is an incredibly important part of being able to showcase your business, products and services in a positive light. In some Social Media platforms, it is not always possible to control the message and one bad review can lose you many potential customers.

12. Google

Google are one of the most intelligent, influential and Tech savvy Global corporations in 2018. If your small business pleases Google online, it is likely that it will be very successful.

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