Startups – Here are 5 Essential SEO Tips for your Business Website

by | Apr 30, 2018 | SEO for Startup Businesses, SEO Services, Small Business Websites

For all new entrepreneurs, not only is a website essential but also an understanding of the power of SEO. (Search Engine Optimisation)

The march of business towards digitisation is relentless and many of your potential customers are online. For any startup an investment in SEO is likely to pay huge dividends further down the track.

If you view your website as like a car, SEO is the petrol that runs it! If you invest in a beautiful website but do not consider SEO as part of the process, it is like buying a Mercedes and leaving it in the garage. Failure to understand and invest in SEO will almost certainly see your website stagnate.

Startup businesses should be aware that not all websites are the same. A cheap website where the web designer has not considered SEO is a false economy. It may look good but chances are it will not rank in search engines and potential customers will not see it.

If you are a new entrepreneur, these are the 5 Essential Local SEO Tips you must get right!


1. Keyword Research

This is where SEO starts and is the foundation of SEO. Keywords are the words that someone will type into google to find the information they want. The task of keyword research will identify popular keywords for your business or niche and is a key factor in your website design. Part of keyword research also analyses your competitors websites and what keywords they are using. Matt Raad of Ebusiness Institute, who is one of Australia’s leading SEO experts states that SEO is probably the single highest value task that you can do in the website building process to generate income and value.

2. Content

Your Website must contain good quality content. Content should not only contain keywords for which your business wants to rank but it should also be well-written, engaging, informative and regular. If you produce good quality content, it will get Google’s attention and start to move your website up the search engine rankings. This content does not only apply to the fixed pages on your website but also to the blog or articles section. Content is not only the text information but also images, graphics, calls to action and layout, indeed everything about each page.

3. Design and User Experience

When a visitor arrives on your website, chances are that they don’t want to think too much. If they can’t find what they want very quickly they’ll look elsewhere and you’ll almost certainly lose the business to a competitor. We therefore need to make life easy for them. Giving your website a great User Experience will enhance your brand and generate new sales leads. The design of the website will be underpinned by the sitemap (design of how pages fit together), menus and internal links within the website.

4. Local Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is often overlooked as it does not relate to design or build of the website itself. It includes registering your business on local directories. It makes sense that if you are trying to rank on google that you register with Google My Business and Google Maps. Then consider registering with other local directories. Many of these a free of charge. Getting customers to leave reviews say on Google, Trip Advisor and other review sites also helps with SEO.

5. Other SEO Factors

There are other factors that a business startup should consider within the website to make sure that it maximises SEO.

For example make sure that the website considers:-

  • Having a properly configured SEO Plugin
  • Image titles and Alt Image Text have appropriate keywords
  • URLs and anchor text contain keywords
  • Use categories and tags to make your blog content searchable.
  • Compliance Pages exist like Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, About Us and Contact Us
  • Linking your website to your Social Media Business pages.
  • Website has a fast caching plugin and images have been compressed to speed up the website

Not all web designers understand the power of SEO. If you would like to discuss how SEO can benefit your business, please call David on 0449 209 471.


“Keyword Research is the highest value task you can do.”

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